Run with the Wind Season 1 Episode 1

Kurahara Kakeru runs through the city streets at night. A single man chases after him on a bicycle. That man’s name is Kiyose Haiji. When Haiji catches up to Kakeru, he asks him a question: "Hey, do you like running?" Led by Haiji, Kakeru arrives at the Chikusei-so student dorm. He meets the strange residents living there. Haiji behaves in a peremptory manner. Kakeru is bewildered by the sudden development. No one at the dorm is aware of Haiji’s ulterior motive. That night, the residents hold a welcoming party for Kakeru. At the party, from Haiji’s mouth comes a grand and reckless plan. How will Kakeru respond…?

Release: 2018-10-03